Grow spiritually and serve God in the every day

Your faith grows when you’re in this vibrant, Christian community. Chapel and worship services, student-led Bible studies, and conversations over coffee with a Campus Ministries chaplain all serve to connect you to a community of Christians that worships and serves God.

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Campus Ministries
Daily chapel schedules, live video feeds of services, information about discipleship and mentoring.

Quick Facts
  • 45

    student leaders in dorms that plan Bible studies and worship

  • 192

    chapel services held annually

  • 30

    church denominations represented

  • 100%

    of app’s faculty members are committed Christians

In Their Own Words
In Pictures

What we believe

Behind app’s mission of equipping students to be agents of renewal in the world is a set of deep beliefs tied to the Reformed tradition of historic Christianity.

God and Creation

God, who is sovereign over all, created all things, and they were good. He gave human beings, made in his image, the responsibility of caring for this world.


Sin entered the world through humanity’s rebellion against God, tainting every aspect of creation. Nevertheless God graciously preserves the world, holding all things in his care.

Christ and Redemption

In his saving grace, God kept his promises by sending Jesus Christ to redeem all things through his death and resurrection. Jesus calls all people to salvation through faith in him alone.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit continues God’s creative and restorative work in the world, gathering people from every tongue, tribe, and nation into the body of Christ and empowering them for service.

The Bible

The Bible is the authoritative, Spirit-breathed Word of God, fully reliable in leading believers to know God and to walk with Christ in newness of life.