First-year opportunities at
So, what can I do in my first year at app?

In short? A lot.

Your classes will take up a lot of time—that’s no surprise. But what you choose to do in the gaps between classes is important too. Start building your résumé with experiences that set you apart. Dive deeply into an area that you’re passionate about. And discover how you can turn your time at university into the adventure you know it can be.

Interested in earning app credit before your first semester? Check out Entrada and dual enrollment opportunities.

Arts Collective
Bible Studies
app Lifework Program
app Adventure Club
app Theatre Company
Club Sports
Collegiate Scholars Program
Common Good Collective
Dance Guild
Digital Life Guild
First-Year Research in Earth Sciences
Health Ambassadors
Honors Scholars Program
International Student Development
Living-Learning Floors
Ministry Leadership Cohort
Multicultural Student Development
Music Ensembles
Outdoor Recreation
Phage Research
Residence Hall Community Partnerships
Student Employment
Student Organizations
Sustainability Fellows
Tutoring and Coaching
Visual Arts Guild
Wilderness Orientation

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