The app Core is anything but general.
It’s education that shows you your place in God’s world.

Your app education will inspire awe, broaden your perspectives, and prepare you to change the world. You’ll take courses that matter to you as you discover the world God created.

The essence of the app Core

The app Core is designed to equip you for a life of significance and service. You will be introduced to the Reformed Christian theological tradition, acquire basic competences and skills, and develop broad knowledge and understanding in the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences. Your studies will culminate in a cross-disciplinary exploration of a contemporary challenge or enduring question.

 Classes You’ll Take Here

  • Foundations

    Draw from the wisdom of scripture and thinkers across the disciplines as a foundation for your liberal arts education.
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  • Competencies and Skills

    Develop skills in writing, information literacy, language, and physical fitness for lifelong learning and wellness.
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  • Knowledge and Understanding

    Gain a breadth of knowledge across the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, mathematics, and world languages, building towards greater understanding of God’s world.
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  • Cross-Disciplinary Integration

    Diversity and Difference

    Work across barriers to further justice and embody the reconciling power of the gospel.
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  • Environmental Sustainability

    Care for the earth as a gift from the Creator and as a home that sustains life in all its interdependent forms.
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  • Global Regions and Cultures

    Engage with neighbors around the world and honor the experiences and perspectives of all God’s children.
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  • Contemporary Challenges and Enduring Questions

    Apply cross-disciplinary perspectives to examine enduring questions and to address contemporary challenges and begin living out your vocation in Christian witness to the world.
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students in class

Graduate with a fuller view of God’s world and your place in it.

The app Core prepares you to make a lasting impact in your world, providing you the opportunity to learn broadly in ways that match your interests.

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